Building & Grounds Ministry

Like the skeleton of the human body, the work of this committee is to support the mission and ministry of the church, by caring for the concrete, physical foundation of congregational life.  Without its focus on assets and resources, there would be neither sanctuary for spiritual reflection nor space to serve the educational ministry for our efforts to do Christ’s work.

This committee manages the care of the buildings.  It relies on members with varying expertise in plumbing, grounds, maintenance and organization.  It oversees the use and care of church property, and works to support the church’s mission.  It is responsible for assuring maintenance and repairs are accomplished in a professional and timely manner in accordance with principles of good stewardship.

The Building and Grounds Committee:  2 elders, 3 deacons, and volunteer members.  (Col. 3:17)

Work Days

Twice each year the Building & Grounds committee invites and welcomes all members to spend a few hours on a Saturday helping to care for our church building and grounds. We clean, repair, paint, landscape, and perform any work necessary. We welcome and encourage everyone to come and enjoy great fellowship as we work together to preserve our facilities.