Lads to Leaders Timeline of Events

September 25 - Bible Bowl Kickoff Meeting

October 23 – Oak Hill’s deadline to sign up for Lads events

This is the deadline Oak Hill has set to get signed up for events. We set this internal date so that event leaders and participants can go ahead and start planning and practicing. But we can still include you if you decide after October 23, as long as it’s before January 15. Just let Matt Wallin know what you want to participate in and you’ll be added to their group.

November - Registration Entry Period and the Start of Practice

This is the period of time where the decision is made as to which events an individual will participate. The data will then be entered. Registration money, T-shirt money, and extra award seat money is due at the end of the registration period. This is also the time when groups will start meeting, planning, and practicing.

January 15 - Official Closure of Lads Registration Database

This means we cannot make any additional changes to the events past this time.

February until Convention - Workshops

Two to three Friday nights during this time will be utilized to work on convention events as a group.

Sunday Prior to Convention (April 9, 2017) - Dress Rehearsal

This is where we give our kids the opportunity to practice their events in front of a larger audience. The guys will conduct the service that Sunday night.

Wednesday Night prior to the Convention (April 12, 2017) - Pre-convention Meeting

At this meeting, we go over any changes that we have been made aware of that may affect you at the convention. We also go over any bullet points that the national office has asked the local group leaders to cover.

Easter Weekend (April 14-16, 2017) - Convention Time!

You made it! This is where the kids get to showcase all they have worked on for the last 6 months.

One to Two Sundays after the convention

Showcase of pictures, scrapbook, banner, bulletin boards, awards, projects.
Convention wrap-up, thanks, presentations, and fellowship to follow in the family room.