The importance of “family” is very transparent at Oak Hill.  As a church family we understand that it is our role to support and encourage one another.  Our big family (Oak Hill) loves and supports the individual families that make up our church family.  How do we do that? Never lose sight of our goal:  Glorify God!   If we keep that as our focus everything else will come together.

At Oak Hill we have four geographic groups designed to meet the needs of the members.  Whether the need be due to sickness, death, daily struggles, or even loneliness, our Care Groups are ready to help each other.  Also, Care Groups are designed to build up and encourage one another… share in the joys and accomplishments of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love  each other. - John 13:34      

Bible curriculum, also, is vital.  Teach Bible.  What does the Bible say to the husband, to the wife, to the children?  What does the Bible say to those who are older? It is necessary to remember that each of us are an example to someone.  The question is, what kind of example am I?  And each of us are learning from someone.  The question is, who am I choosing to learn from?

In our Family Ministry we engage in a lot of different programs that allow for Christian fellowship.  We have Family Ties get-togethers with family fun and enjoy at least 3 big church-wide fellowships generally around Easter, Halloween and Christmas.  We have small socials, big socials, and everything in between. 

At Oak Hill we strive to draw closer to each other and closer to God.  We study together, pray together, serve together......We are family!